Welcome to Inspecciones Generales Inc!

We are company engaged in General Inspection such as NDT, Welding, Painting, Mechanical, Civil among others.


Third Party Inspection

Welding Inspection

Coating Inspection

Civil/Structural Inspection

Mechanical Inspection

E&I Inspection

Ultrasonic Testing

Radiographic Testing

Magnetic Particle Testing

Penetrant Testing


NDT Consultancy

Welding Consultancy

Coating Consultancy

Welders Qualification Test

Preparation and Execution of PQR/WPS

Preparation and execution of Coating Procedures

Scaffolding Services

Supply of Inspectors, NDT Personnel, Fitters, Welders and PWHT Technicians

Training in the following areas:

Basic NDT

Ultrasonic Testing Level 1

Ultrasonic Testing Level 2

Radiogrpahic Testing Level 1

Radiographic Testing Level 2

Magnetic Particle Testing Level 1

Magnetic Particle Testing Level 2

Penetrant Testing Level 1

Penterant Testing Level 2

Radiogrpahic Testing Film Interpretation

Welding Inspection Course

Coating Inspection Course

Scaffolding Erection Course


Alpha Aviation Group – Visual Inspection and Penetrant Testing Work

San Carlos Biomass Power Plant – Visual Inspection and Pressure Testing Work

Mashhor General Contractor – Brunei – Provision of Welding Trainer, Marker Fitter Trainer and Inspector

Heats School of Welding Technology Inc. – Witnessing of WQT, Visual Inspection, Ultrasonic Testing, PenetrantĀ  Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing and Bend Testing,

PGJ Engineering & Fabrication – Visual Inspection, Witnessing of WQT, Penetrant Testing

AD Pineda Construction – Visual Inspection and Penetrant Testing of Welds

Luvimar – Witnessing of WQT, Visual Inspection and Pressure Testing


Philippine Welders and Fitters Society Inc. – Penetrant Testing Training, Welding Inspection Training

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